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The AMERIN Team is comprised of members dedicated to helping clients create stakeholder and shareholder value from intangible assets and human capital.

Underpinning each team member's expertise is an in-depth understanding of the new economy and the ability to conceptualise organisations as whole systems.

In addition to each team member's academic specialisation, all have undergone extensive training in systems theory; particularly open systems theory, which is a body of knowledge that maintains that people and their organisations, must have an open and actively adaptive relationship with their environments over time to ensure viability.

Peter Aughton

Since establishing AMERIN in 1993, Peter has specialized in implementing systemic business models and the enabling conditions that have helped clients generate value from intangible assets and human capital.

Often this has involved transferring organisational systemic tools and techniques to managers and employees and then coaching them so they can continue to improve business performance as technology changes, employees move on, the external environment changes and so on. He has also conducted extensive action research to develop unique value driver solutions and tools that have significantly improved business performance.

Before becoming an AMERIN director, Peter held various research and management positions with the Exxon and Mars Corporations. He has degrees in Science, Education and Operations Research

John Barton

John Barton is Melbourne-based consultant and educator. His work emphasises the role of systemic thinking and system dynamics modelling in business. He has previously held senior management positions in industry and in education.

Current teaching assignments include the presentation of graduate programs in systems thinking and knowledge management at the University of Palermo, Sicily, the Norwegian School of Management (in conjunction with the AIM), The Australian National University (ANU), and Monash University. He is a Visiting Fellow to the National Graduate School of Management at the ANU.

John graduated in mathematics from The University of Melbourne, subsequently studied graduate economics and econometrics at La Trobe University, and received executive education in management at the Sloan School of Management. He is currently completing a research DBA at Monash University on the philosophy of systemic thought, and regularly publishes in the area of systems thinking and management.
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Dr Prasuna Reddy

Dr Prasuna Reddy, PhD (Melb), MAPS, is an organisational and health psychologist and academic in the School of Behavioural Science, University of Melbourne. Prasuna has considerable expertise in applied organisational psychology in research and practice.

She has conducted research and published in a number of areas including organisational culture, work health, diversity, team performance, psychological measurement and application of systems theories. Prasuna also has an impressive record of consulting and research in large organisations and health systems in Australia and overseas.

Rod Sarah

Rod Sarah began his career in the Australian Public Service where he worked until 2001, the last four years in a Corporate role developing a System of Strategic Management in the Australian Taxation Office. More recently, he works in a Learning and Development role with a mid-sized service organisation in the Tertiary Education Sector, which he combines with a mix of internal and external consulting activities.

Rod is completing his PhD studies on the use of systems thinking and action learning and action research methodologies to assist organisations building capabilities for learning. His research interest is in helping people and their organisations develop the capacity to learn - to anticipate and adapt to changing environmental conditions.


Strategic Partners

Evolution Matrix Pty Ltd

Specialists in capability management and capability-based remuneration

Fred Emery Institute Ltd

Provides education and research in the area of Open Systems Theory

The University of Melbourne

Psychology advice and analysis via the School of Behavioural Science

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