AMERIN provides a suite of executive development programs to help clients understand how to create value from intangible assets and human capital in the new economy.

These programs not only provide an understanding of how an organisation's business model will meet the future growth expectations of investors, but also provide a high level of understanding of the enabling conditions that need to be in place to generate revenue growth and productivity efficiencies from intangible assets.

Some of executive development programs include:

Executive Development Courses

Leadership development program for professionals

This program addresses what is our business context, what is our business, understanding who are we and understanding our colleagues

Creating Stakeholder Value from Intangible Assets and Human Capital

An Executive Development Program that gives HR managers and Line Managers with HR responsibilities new economy tools and concepts to become true value-adding strategic partners.

Value creation enabling conditions - a simulation workshop

This simulation workshop introduces participants to the concepts and tools to establish the enabling conditions for innovation and knowledge sharing; factors that are critical to high performance for companies that rely on knowledge-based competitive strategies.

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Introduction to systems thinking for the new economy

Systems thinking is the essential organisational paradigm for companies that compete in the new economy. This course introduces participants to the three main streams of systems thinking and their translated methodologies that enable organisations to be managed around value creation and delivery systems.

Introduction to the theory and practice of adaptive change

This course is critical for those managers, academics and consultants wanting to successfully implement active adaptive organisational change that will significantly improve employee morale and organisational productivity. This course is run in conjunction with Dr Merrelyn Emery from the Fred Emery Institute Ltd.





Creating Shareholder Value from Intangible Assets and Human Capital July 26th & 27th 2004 London John Barton
Intangible Assets Colloquium August 11th 2004 Sydney Peter Aughton
Creating Shareholder Value from Intangible Assets and Human Capital August 16th & 17th 2004 Brunei John Barton
Intangible Assets Colloquium September 8th 2004 Melbourne Peter Aughton
Introduction to the theory and practice of adaptive change November 21st to November 26th 2004 Melbourne Peter Aughton

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