AMERIN projects focus on driving value from the Intellectual Capital needs of clients, particularly the Intellectual Capital elements of intangible assets and human capital.

Recent intangible asset/human capital projects the AMERIN team has undertaken to improve organisational performance include:-


  1. Development of a HR implementation plan including action plans, accountabilities and HR performance measures using a business model in the form of a causal map and underpinned by a Six Sigma learning framework and Balanced Scorecard perspectives;
  2. Development of an online knowledge management culture survey to determine the health of organisational innovativeness, knowledge creation and knowledge sharing;
  3. Causal modelling of the structure and dynamics of the Australian Grains Industry to define key process cycle times, inter-relationships, policy structures, performance metrics and the key resources that have to be managed; Supply chain analysis in the automotive industry;
  4. Supply chain analysis in the automotive industry;
  5. Business planning and executive development in a medium-sized services company;
  6. The development of a consulting approach for the management of intangible assets for a global consulting company;
  7. Development of a total capability management system that makes essential tacit knowledge explicit to determine the capability risks at the individual, team and organisational level;
  8. Large scale organisational planning and redesign for high level response and service in the hyper-turbulent internet environment;
  9. Restructuring of well known IT&T, food and manufacturing companies where outcomes of the design process were genuine self-managing, multi-skilled teams committed to organisational goals;
  10. Working with Governments to help communities establish their strategic plans including designing organisational structures to ensure plans are implemented;
  11. Training managers and consultants from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA to use AMERIN’s organisational redesign process.

To know more about these projects and others and the publicly available
bottom line results contact AMERIN.

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